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Overton, Arp, WR at Troup Track Meet

By J. M. Jones

Staff Writer

   TROUP – Chris Harris was first in the 200 meter run and Savannah Waggoner placed first in pole vault for Overton at the Troup High School Shuttlesworth Track Meet on March 31. Other Mustangs finished high in different events which involved eight other schools including Arp, Carlisle and West Rusk. Here are Overton and local school results:


   200 Meter Run – Chris Harris (Overton) first place, 22.40; Will Tucker (Arp), second, 23.52; Hitachi Lydia (Troup), third, 23.56; Kasey McClendon (Arp), fourth, 23.66; Kyle Copeland (Arp), fifth, 23.89; Da’Corian Ford (Overton), sixth, 24.31 

   100 Meter Dash –Jamaal Martin (Troup), first, 11.37; Seth Gibson (Troup), second, 11.43; Devlin Bagley (Arp), third, 11.55; Da’Corian Ford (Overton), fourth place, 11.68; Marcus Davis (Troup), sixth, 11.89

   Discus –Brock Grigsby (Troup), second, 118.6; Aden Williams (Overton), fourth, 111.6; Michael Davis (Troup), sixth, 109.0

   Shot Put –Michael Davis (Troup), second. 41.0; Aden Williams – (Overton), third, 39.9.25; Chris Mendoza (Carlisle), fourth, 38.10.25

   400 Meter Relay – Overton, first, 44.05; Arp, second, 44.39

   800 Meter Relay –Arp, first, 1.32.85; Troup, second, 1.37.02; West Rusk, third, 1.37.64; Carlisle, fourth, 1.39.29; Overton, fifth, 1.39.99

   800 Meter Run –Brian Moye (Arp), first, 2.07.09; Ryan Gonzales (Overton), fifth, 2.10.11;

   400 Meter Run –Dalvin Franklin (Troup), first, 52.38; Jerrold Amie (Arp), second, 53.10; Brian Moye (Arp), third, 53.20; Jeffery Phillips (Overton), fifth, 55.22;

   Triple Jump –Jared Poncho (Carlisle), first, 41 6.5; Michael Roberson (Arp), second, 41 2; Devlin Bagley (Arp), third, 39 1.5; Pedro Vasquez (Carlisle), fourth, 35 8; Tre Thompson (Overton), fifth, 35.7.5; Dustin Lofties (Carlisle), sixth, 32 9.75

   1600 Relay –Arp, first, 3.32.98; Troup, second, 3.34.66; Overton, third, 3.40.75; Carlisle, fourth, 3.49.18

   1600 Meter Run – Ryan Gonzales (Overton), third, 5.15.03; Adan Sanchez (Carlisle), fourth, 5.20.01; Gerrado DeLeon (Carlisle), fifth, 5.50.48; Pedro Vasquez (Carlisle), sixth, 5.52.66

   Pole Vault – Clay Allphin (Carlisle), third place, 10.0

   Long Jump – Dalvin Franklin (Troup), first, 20.11; Delvin Bagley (Arp), second, 19.10; Jared Poncho, (Carlisle), third, 19.l94; James Jordan (West Rusk), fourth, 19.6.7; Hitachi Lydia (Troup), sixth, 18.9.4

   3200 Meter Run – Adan Sanchez (Carlisle), first, 11.38.77; Gerrado DeLeon (Carlisle), second, 12.49.95; Nico Villanueva (Carlisle), third, 12.59; Ethan Day (Arp), fourth, 13.42.10; Josh Dillon (Arp), fifth, 13.42.17

   110 Meter Hurdles – Dewayne Fisher (West Rusk), second, 17.04; Jared Poncho (Carlisle), third, 18.68; Chadd Dansby (Carlisle), sixth, 20.46

   High Jump – Michael Roberson (Arp), first, 5.10; Kyle Copeland (Arp), tied second, 5.8; Chadd Dansby (Carlisle), tied second, 5.8

   300 Meter Hurdles – James Jiles (Troup), second, 41.45; Michael Roberson (Arp), third, 43.72; Manuel DeLeon (Carlisle), sixth, 50.90


   Pole Vault – Savannah Waggoner (Overton), first place, 10.0; Angela Hartless (Troup), third, 8.0; Courtney Hitt (Arp), fourth, 8.0; Cheney Cover (Troup), fifth, 7.6; Brittany McClanahan (Arp), sixth, 6.6

   Long Jump –Keraveon Rodgers (Troup), first, 17.4.6; Mercedes Cooper (Arp), third, 15.4.3; Davida Hawkins (Overton), fourth, 14.5.9; Hannah Hamilton (Carlisle), sixth, 14.0

   100 Meter Dash –Keraveon Rodgers (Troup), first, 12.72; Mollie Johnson (Troup), second, 13.07; Hannah Hamilton (Carlisle), third, 13.38; Gabrielle Sewell (Troup), fourth, 13.71; Aubrey Okray (West Rusk), fifth, 13.77; Courtney Washington (Overton), sixth, 13.88;

   Shot Put – Molly Mackey (Overton), second, 31.1.75; Taylor Burnett (Arp), third, 28.9.25; Kristin Hulsey (West Rusk), fourth, 28.4.25

   400 Meter Run – Latrice Greenhouse (Arp), first, 1.00.72; Caitlyn Tomlin (Troup), second, 1.06.41; Savannah Bobbitt (Overton), third, 1.07.82; Davida Hawkins (Overton) fourth, 1.08.87;

   200 Meter Run – Hannah Hamilton (Carlisle), first, 27.78; Charisma McCowin (Troup), second, 28.48; Cheney Cover (Troup), third, 28.87; Savannah Bobbitt (Overton), sixth, 29.67;

   100 Meter Hurdles – Angela Hartless (Troup), fifth, 18.75; Lindsey McMillan (West Rusk), sixth, 23.24

   High Jump – Latrice Greenhouse (Arp), second, 4.11; Keraveon Rodgers (Troup), third, 4.6; Jimisea Young (Arp), sixth, 4.4

   Discus – Taylor Burnett (Arp), second, 94.0; Carlee Turner (Carlisle), 93.6;

   400 Meter Relay – Arp, first, 51.16; Troup, second, 52.32; West Rusk, fourth, 55.67

   800 Meter Relay – Arp, first, 1.51.58; Troup, second, 1.52.59; West Rusk, fourth, 2.00.87

   800 Meter Run – Hart (Arp), fourth, 2.50.13; Forester (Arp), fifth, 2.51.87; Hartless (Troup), sixth, 2.55.42

   Triple Jump – Cover (Troup), fourth, 29.5.25; Sarah Buckner (West Rusk), fifth, 26.8.5

   300 Meter Hurdles – Johnson (Troup), second, 53.30; Hartless (Troup), fourth, 56.10

   1600 Meter Relay – Arp, first, 4.22.00; Troup, third, 4.44.81

   1600 Meter Run – Hart (Arp), sixth, 6.51.16.

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